Coronavirus Advice (Covid-19)

The situation around the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is rapidly evolving.  

Pharmacies are urged to read the available guidance carefully, keep up-to-date with developments and adjust their business continuity plans accordingly.

The LPC will post  updates as new information becomes available. You can find the current NHS public advice on the following LINK.


Government/NHS Advice

Guidance for Health Professionals

SOP for Primary Care Settings

Coronavirus Action Plan


PSNC Guidance

PSNC COVID-19 Main Page

Pandemic Delivery Service



PHE Resources

Printable Posters

PHE Blog


Business Continuity

PSNC Business Continuity Page

Service Continuity Planning for pharmacy

Flu Pandemic continuity planning

Virtualoutcomes COVID_19_Business_Continuity


Wolverhampton City Council Guidance

COVID 19 _End of life care-at-home_guidance

COVID-19 Testing of pharmacy staff and household members